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III Jornades Professionals per a cordes de Mallorca

Lecture by Mayumi Sargent



August 6th, 2020 - 19:00
PALMA: Music School Ireneu Segarra
7è Festival Nits Clàssiques de la Tramuntana
Free entrance
Gut strings
Mayumi Sargent

When we speak of HIP (Historically Informed Performances), we think more of the Baroque era. Though it isn't unusual to talk about it referring to the classical era or to attribute it to romanticism. Why not take it a little further?

And what does actually change, is different or is being maintained from the past when we speak about the 20th century?


Mayumi Sargent

Born in Mallorca, she studied violin with Ramón Andreu and Barry Sargent, besides attending David Peralta’s summer course in 2007. She continued her studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Cologne, Germany) with a Bachelor on the modern violin under Ariadne Daskalakis's tutelage while receiving baroque violin lessons from Richard Gwilt. She graduated with a “Cum Laude” from the Master’s Instrument in Historic Perspective at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Netherlands), where she studied baroque violin with Antoinette Lohmann and modern violin with Johannes Leertouwer.

She’s been invited to play in youth orchestras around Spain, such as Jove Orquestra Nacional de Catalunya, Jove Orquestra Simfònica de Castelló, Jove Orquestra Barroca de Mallorca and Jove Orquestra de Cambra Illa de Menorca.

As a young professional, she’s performed in Germany with the Kölner Kammerorchester, Neuen Rheinischen Kammerorchester Köln, Kölner Akademie, Orchester Düsseldorfer Altstadtherbst and for the contemporary composers collective Zeitklang, besides being a member of the EOS Kammerorchester; specialized in

contemporary music, they work with known Jazz musicians, such as Niels Klein and Ingrid Laubrock, recording new CD’s with music written exclusively for the ensemble. In the Netherlands, she regularly plays with the Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht (both with original and modern instruments, besides innovating projects, such as historically informed performances of Brahms symphonies) and is a member of the Spanish baroque music group La Pícara. She’s also had the privilege to work as concertmaster under the baton of Jos Van Veldhoven and Peter Van Heyghen, as well as principal second for the Nederlandse Bachvereniging with Shunske Sato as concertmaster-conductor. In Spain she has played with Orquestra de Cambra Illa de Menorca, and besides helping to organize 3 music festivals in Mallorca, she’s the concertmaster of Ensemble Tramuntana.

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