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Chiavette Consort (original instruments)
The garden of delicacies

September 3rd, 2021 - 20:30


Chiavette Consort (original instruments)
Maria Bayley (voice and organ)
Marta Jiménez (violin and viola)
Santiago Rodríguez (violin and viola)
Valerio Latartara (violin and viola)

Who has not been amazed and attracted by this exuberant piece and, like us, has ever wondered when contemplating it "how, why"?

The Garden of Earthly Delights is one of the best known works of Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516). It is a triptych painted in oil, with the two outer panels narrower than the central one.

In its open form, the left panel is dedicated to Paradise, with the creation of Adam, Eve, and the Fountain of Life. The central panel gives its name to the whole piece since it represents a delicious garden: allusions to sin, which show a humanity given over to various worldly pleasures. The table on the right represents Hell with endless chilling torments.

In the right shutter we find a whole series of instruments and scores represented. It is a sound painting! This is where the work of the Chiavette Consort comes in.

In this new program, we are introduced to this fantastic work, taking a musical journey through each of its environments.

Works by T. Albinoni, TLVictoria, G.Gabrieli, L. Marencio, JHSchmelzer, J.Arañés, A.Falconieri, GBBuonamente, B.Marini, H.Bailly, S.Rossi, C.Bernhard, F.Guerrero.
Chiavette Consort is dedicated to the historical interpretation of the ancient repertoire. The figure and training of the Renaissance and Baroque musician have been one of the inspirations for the formation of the group. We put into practice, in each of our programs, the ability to play more than one instrument, use the voice and change roles within the ensemble in a flexible way and according to the needs of the repertoire.
Another great reason to create Chiavette Consort was to observe the absence in the current music scene of violin consorts, a common formation during the Renaissance and Baroque.

The group has its origins in the Netherlands, being its first public appearance at the MariaKapel in the city of Utrecht. We want to highlight his first forays into the Spanish music scene that took place at the Nits Clàssiques de la Tramuntana 2018 festival in Deià, to which we have been invited again, and the Cicle de Música Antiga in Palma.
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