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3rd Tramuntana Ensemble Youth Contest
Finalists concert

23 November 2022 - 21:00

PALMA: Santa Teresita Church

The winners of the 3rd Ensemble Tramuntana Youth Contest have arrived!

Núria Aragón (violin), Martín Lopesino (oboe), Claudia Alemany (cello), Esperança Recio (violin), Maria de Lluc Alarcón (flute) and Jordi Romero (viola)! 

Do you want to see the level of young people in the Balearic Islands?

The Ensemble Tramuntana under the direction of Barry Sargent, will accompany them in their respective concertos of Mozart, Vivaldi, Marcello and Stamitz!

Tramuntana Ensemble

Director: Barry Sargent

Violins: Enric Pastor, Mayumi Sargent, Albert Grimalt, Jose Amengual
Violas: Eura Fortuny, Carlos Rabadan
Cellos: Jacopo Ristori
Double bass: Pablo Moreno

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